Are Ecuadorian girls eager to leave Ecuador for the U.S. by becoming wife of American?

When we are talking about the sexuality of Latin American women Ecuador’s women are mentioned above all others. Why is this happening? Really, maybe all men are captivated by this old myth about unusual and rebellious, but passionate Amazons, who according to legend once lived in the Amazon jungle, located in Ecuador. Or maybe the whole reason is the shape of the body of Ecuadorian women, because it is known that the girls of Ecuador can boast of a fairly large breast. I think these are the most superficial reasons, which of course also have the right to be.

In my opinion, to understand the attractiveness of the girls of Ecuador for men of other nationalities, for example Americans, you need to look at their national characteristics. After all, despite the fact that the currency rate in Ecuador is the same as in the United States, the rest of things in this country are very different.
First of all, it should be noted that the mentality of Ecuadorian women is quite balanced, maybe partly due to the temperate climate of the country. Of course, these girls are passionate, and have unrestrained temperament, but in most cases their emotional manifestations are moderate.

Women can hold high positions in society and even hold public office. In general, there are even more women than men working in Ecuador, especially in the field of physical labor.

Gender roles vary greatly depending on the social class. Women and men can be in absolute equality, and in some cases men still dominate.
Women can control various spheres of activity, even if a woman lacks the notorious masculinity. The ideology of male superiority is manifested here, but at the same time is suppressed by law.

Women in Ecuador have acquired legal rights over their children and their property. A woman who got married may not take her husband’s name if she does not want to. She may also refuse to give her husband’s name to her child if she does not wish to do so.

Therefore, to call the Ecuadorian girl compliant, which would meekly fulfill any will of her husband, it is impossible. And it is necessary for the men who decide to link their lives with the woman of this country take into account.
At first, many Ecuadorian women behave modestly in dealing with a man, but this only happens if the girl has the goal to marry a rich Western man, thereby solving her financial problems. If a woman in Ecuador is financially secure without the help of a man, she will not behave modestly and quietly. She knows her rights well and will not allow anyone to control herself.

Also, the Ecuadorian woman is quite jealous. This fact has to be constantly kept in mind to prevent unpleasant situations. And remember, the law in Ecuador is almost always on the side of women!

And what is the mentality of the average American man, and whether he will be able to take his Ecuadorian girl to his homeland, to subsequently marry her? The average American man is a person who lives by certain unbreakable rules. He gives vent to emotions only in the most extreme cases. And Americans are very hardworking nation. Therefore, it is natural that the girl of Ecuador after often lazy Ecuadorian men begins to admire the performance of her American husband. Differences in mentality will not always be painless for Ecuadorian – American couple, but the interest in these girls is quite great among Americans. And today you can find many such mixed international couples on the streets of the United States.

Ecuador girls are often happy to move to the United States with her American husband, especially if the man is quite wealthy and rich. In Ecuador, a woman could find a high-paid job only with a higher education diploma. If she doesn’t have it, then she won’t have much money to live with.

The woman of Ecuador has a cheerful character, and she really knows how to love her man. This is very attractive to American men who face the feminist moods of their American women on a daily basis. Ecuadorian women are not used to get a lot of attention of local men, and therefore, when an ordinary American man begins to take care of an Ecuadorian woman and, for example, gives her a bouquet of flowers and invites her to dinner at his expense, the Ecuadorian woman begins to look at him as if at God.

Of course, Ecuadorian woman is quite patriotic and loves her country, but for the sake of finding a better life, she may move to the North American continent. Another question is how much time she can live there, having such a jealous character. But this will be another story.

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