Are Bulgarian women popular among the U.S. men?

If you have ever asked yourself this question, you don’t know completely anything about Bulgarian women. Of course, women of this European country are pretty enough to become subject of attention of American guys.

If American women are too unattainable for some American guys, they start to look for girls from some other countries; of course, this country should be different than the U.S., otherwise the same result is waiting for them over there as well. Americans choose some poor countries of Eastern Europe, Asia and South America, but still they prefer Europe in most cases, when it is going about serious relations or marriage. European women from Eastern Europe are much prettier than their colleagues from other parts of the world, they are more American-look as some centuries ago Europeans settled down in the modern USA and gave birth to this country; because of that European women are closer to Americans even in spiritual way. Eastern Europe is now civilized world that does not differ a lot from Western European countries, and the main difference is only salary; this fact also advantageous for Americans who earn 10 or 20 times more a month’s than people here; such old as the hills method helps them effectively find pretty Eastern European women and have love for money. Here I don’t mean relations for just one night, Americans visit Bulgaria to find good wife and of course, Bulgarian women, who would like to leave poor country and live in better world, rising kids not thinking about whether this money earned for month period would be enough or not to feed the family. Since Bulgaria is in the European Union, it become even more interesting to Americans to visit this country as now they don’t have to worry about their security if comparing their visit to South American countries. American feels himself at home in Bulgaria, but at the same time prices are so low here for everything and girls are so beautiful and like Americans so much that many of them settle down in Bulgaria, buy houses at the sea resorts and live happily over there.

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Are Bulgarian women demanding? Well, in most cases it depends on the particular girl, some of them are less demanding, some of them are more demanding, but comparing to American women Bulgarian women are hundred times less emancipative and the same quantity of times prettier. As any other women in the world Bulgarian women like when man takes care of them and shows respect and love. When man shows these qualities, he is ready to take her heart and be happy with her. Most of Americans dream to find young Bulgarian women; I have to open to the public the fact that there are many old men among those foreigners who are looking for Bulgarian girlfriends or wives. They can’t find such young girls in their own country and because of that they go to look up for pretties in poor countries. Such a strategy helps them to get into the top ten; and it is good if that American grandfather “boyfriend” is only old, but there are really sick personalities who are looking up for some girls in poor countries and after marriage make their life just unbearable. It is very sad, but there are many such stories on the internet, so, dear men, be gentlemen and don’t forget about simple human dignity and about the fact you actually are human beings first of all, but not animals, even though most of you are provided with animal instinct.

Americans choose Bulgarian women because they are sexy; they have slim figure, big natural breast and at the same time they have pretty face, innocent eyes and something pleasantly wild is in between their whole appearance; when you see such a girl you know you won’t be bored for sure and here you are trying to be the male who is going to interest her. Bulgarian girl perfectly knows how to react on the compliments, she is going to keep you on short snoop, letting your imagination play some tricks and imagine the possible scenes of love, but in the reality she would not let you much, all you have just dreams and insuperable passion – that is how Bulgarian women rule the men. She is ready to feel your needs and she is able to find keys to the most remote parts of your soul that is why you, American guy, like those Bulgarian girls so much. If you have never been with Bulgarian girls, you didn’t see real life, and if you had been, than you will not forget this till the rest of your life. If you find not only Bulgarian girlfriend, but Bulgarian wife, you will immediately evaluate how gentle she is with you and how much she takes of you care. Bulgarian wife will always be naturally  interested how is it going at your job, are there any problems and maybe you need some advises; she would always support you, but she would never be annoying and if you are not in the mood to talk about work issues, she would not ask you this time, she would rather find appropriate moment in the future and you are going to like this care; it is also very important that Bulgarian wife asks you about job, life, colleagues, possible problems because she is really interested, but not just to hear some answer and forget, only to look concerned.

Well, we can’t omit the phrase, the most important factor why American men prefer Bulgarian woman along with other Eastern European beauties, is their pretty appearance. Of course, all factors are important, but looking face, I must say no one girl would be such popular if there would be no pretty face and nice figure she possess; no matter how kind and caring she is, she has to be pretty first of all. Americans like pretty girls and they like Bulgarian girls especially, because they are like special mix of European and Mediterranean hot temperament; such a great positive and pretty mixture that is going to blow up your mind. Oh, dear American men, be aware of those pretty Bulgarian women, who perfectly know how to conquer the heart of poor foreigner and do tricks with it; if you fall in love into Bulgarian woman, it would be very hard for you to forget her if anything would go wrong, so be aware and try to choose only such girl who could possibly become your girlfriend or wife in the future, otherwise this your trip to Bulgaria might become not a great time with pleasure, but deep disappointment, broken heart and unrequited love; in order this would not happen, follow our advises on the pages of our website and you would find the best Bulgarian girls.

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