Are Belgian women good wife candidates for American men?

In short, yes, they are. If this is enough, you can leave this page in search of more relative information concerning American Belgian marriages. Not enough? Got interested? Ok 🙂 American man and Belgian woman could become perfect husband and wife. Why is that so? The answer is very simple – although they have some cultural differences, they are close to each other mentally and this is the main point where their outlook crosses.

American man was born and raised in American society and Belgian girl has got life experience in Western European world. Those two worlds have much more in common than different and that’s making for both future spouses – American and Belgian – perfect ground for happy and overwhelmed family.

American culture, as any other has its own peculiar things, which are characteristic only to American culture, but at the same time features of American culture have been so quickly widespread all over the world that we can observe it even in the most distant areas of the Planet. What to say about Western Europe, where cultures are so close to American values. This also applies to family relations, marriage and even wedding ceremony.

There are many different religious groups in the USA and Belgium is also liberal to different religious groups. It means there should not be religious controversies when American is getting married to Belgian.

The legislative procedures of marriage conduction in the U.S. are common to those in Belgium, the only problem for American guest could be the language, but despite the fact English is not native language for Belgians, almost all of them speak fluent English. Read also: Women and men in Belgium

Of course, it can not be that those two countries were the same and it is natural there are European-American differences and concerning marriage issues as well, but they are so minor that they would rather be pleasant adding which gets to know foreign culture better for both spouses.

Imagine what kind of cool wedding you are able to make and how much fun your American friends and family members would have if you are getting married in Europe. Of course, you have to keep to Belgian traditions in order not to offend anyone and even due to the fact that members of your Belgian bride’s family would know you are American and can expect some “surprises” from you, it is better to behave with respect to Belgian rules during the wedding ceremony as it would mean you show your respect to the bride as well as to her family, culture and the country.

Pleasant thing about American-Belgian wedding is the fact that you both – husband and wife most often do not expect anything material from each other or things like real hidden reasons why wife would like to marry American – to escape abroad. In this case you deal with two highly developed countries and most often if people of the USA and from Belgium would like to marry each other it means they have real feelings and nothing more. So, yes, Belgian woman is perfect candidate for American man who wants to become a good husband. Still waiting? Isn’t it time already to go and get your perfect Belgian bride?

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