Are Austrian wives popular brides among American men

To be honest, I never heard there is some expansion of Americans to Austria or vice verse – I didn’t hear that Austrian women massively leave their home country in search or American husband. At least, this has not become a popular trend and there is not much information on this on the Web. However, there might be those, who are interested in peculiarities of such international marriage where the husband is American and the wife is Austrian. The reasons for this are probably clear – you are American who is looking for Austrian wife or you are American, whose friend has Austrian wife and you would like to have such a woman for your own wife. Just in case you were not good in Geography at school I will remind you that Austria is in Europe, and Australia is… far away 🙂 In southern hemisphere.

Austria is one of the most developed countries in European Union and the level of life is very high. Many Americans visit Austria in business the same as Austrians fly to the U.S. in business. It is natural that men and women of these countries have common time together and some of them start to feel mutual sympathy that transforms into serious relations which lead to marriage. In this case we can observe newly created American – Austrian family. Read also: Marriage with Austrian woman – how real it is for foreigner

Maybe Austrian brides are not that massively popular in the U.S., but those who went are definitely popular among the family circle and friends of that American man who has married Austrian wife. How come? Because Austrian women are very pretty. Their European beauty makes all the men envy you have such a gorgeous wife. Along with this beauty there are not many cultural and mental differences. Both countries have similar family income, similar interests and moving for Austrian woman to the USA or moving for American to Austria is not really traumatic or culture shocking at all. Minor differences are not a big thing, because usually they are not bigger when for example man is from California and he has married a girl from Texas and went to her parents.

So, yes, Austrian woman is wished and desired bride for average American, but this desire did not become main stream. If some Americans are dreaming about Austrian brides it is rather an exception that the rule. The reason for this is because Austrian women have approximately the same level of emancipation as American women have and it is not good option for American man who is looking in the side if traditional family, where a man is at least formal head of the family. It is rarely possible when your wife is Austrian. She will usually be eager to make her own career and knowing she is educated she will rather look for a job when she comes to the U.S. Austrian woman is not going to sit and wait for you while you are coming home late after work. Austrian wife is looking at you as at equal partner, but definitely not the min person in the family. If she is enough of you, she would quit quickly and without any regrets. This is only in case when your partnership bumps into serious problems which you both would be unable to solve. This does not mean Austrian wives are unreliable, no. They are ready to support, to help, to cooperate with husband, but they are waiting efforts from the husband as well and if you show that you are weak person who is able to cry and not to cope with difficulties – that is the point where you surely start losing your Austrian wife. As you see, Austrian brides are suitable definitely not for every American guy, but still they worth to become a wife of every worthy man.

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