Are Armenian girls good as housewives?

There are many thoughts where men express the opinion that the best wives are Armenian women. Why is that so? Is it true at all? I would give you some thoughts and you will decide whether it is true or not.

Visit typical Armenian house at any time of the year, everything is shining clean, dinner is always ready, the husband is like polished diamond, shining and smiling, the children are well-fed and no one would never doubt that. In addition, Armenian women are pretty, pliant, soft in character, always are concerned about the health of her husband and children, and thus prepare, prepare and prepare dishes. Sometimes it is even looks ridiculous to western person.

I’ll tell you more, Armenian women are very economical and know the rules of commercial in their family; know how to cook and prepare food even out of nothing. They are perfect as needle women, many of them adore music and sing, unlike their neighbors Georgian women, Armenian women are not picky about the husbands, many are able to turn a blind eye on what the man is doing.

Armenian woman is constantly in action, always is doing something and at the same time finds a moment for herself. Armenian woman has always treated her husband as the most intelligent and the best in the world and would never call him jerk or idiot! If someday you come for a visit to the family of Armenians, you’ll see not you have finished the meal, you will be surprised that your plate has disappeared somewhere and in a while it has been washed! Many women after the meal prefer to sit, for example, to have some chat or rest and only some time later begin to clean the table and do dishes. But for Armenians dirty dishes are some kind of issue, to say more, dirty dish for the Armenian women is a real disaster.

Once in a life you probably have met Armenian women, and if no, you definitely will. Not only men, even women of other nationalities admit that Armenian women are really good housewives. In short, one Russian woman said if she were a man she would surely marry an Armenian woman! In general, excellent as housewives are Tatar women, those also always keep house clean and husband with full tummy, but they usually have terrible character! Such golden characters like Armenian women have, you will not longer find among any other women. You know, during the Stalinist repression in Soviet Russia, wives of many countries leaders’ were arrested, for example, wives of Voroshilov, Kalinin, Molotov, and wife of Mikoyan and all her family was not hurt! Do you know why? Mikoyan’s women, I mean his wife and daughters in law, they only deal with the house and only salted, boiled, fried, canned … and survived because of that. Stalin, among other things, liked to visit the family of Mikoyan, as there has always been the Caucasian patriarchal spirit, tasty food and no talks about the politics! Incidentally, Mikoyan lived a very long life, probably because of the good care and concern.

Every fact has the other side. We said a lot of good things about Armenian women, but there are other opinions like all what is said above it’s not necessarily have to be true, it’s a little joke. However, the Armenian women often are the examples of perfect hostess and even Russian women in comparison to them are often lazy, spoiled, and capricious and emancipated… but still are in demand for some reason. Some men express the opinion that, perhaps, Armenian women are excellent housewives. There are some very interesting and beautiful! And there are big Armenian women, hairy and with big noses.

Some think that Armenian women are different but not in the same essence, but the fact that they are the good wives has no doubt. By the way, a Mediterranean type of women is very interesting, they also are often not interesting, but something they have, that’s like at my friends nanny was an Armenian, so many years have passed, and their daughter still misses her, and they fondly speak about her, I met in my life so many different nationalities, but about Armenian women I can not say anything bad, they are very good caring wives.

In the US many consider the most beautiful and good hostess Mexican and Armenian women. Armenian women are leggy with beautiful waist and a very beautiful figure, direct and small nose, thick black eyelashes and eyebrows and prominent butt. Armenian women are considered themselves pretty and beautiful brides’ almond eyes thick gorgeous hair hourglass figure is just and the ideal look of feminine. Since ancient times the most beautiful women in the above privacy were considered Southern women, Greek, Armenian women, Arab women and Persian women.

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