Are Armenian girls eager to marry foreigners?

If we are talking about global trend of so called “marriage migration”, we imply mostly girls from former Soviet Union as they are the most beautiful and having awesome character among other popular marriage migration countries. Among all post Soviet countries one of the most popular possible brides are Armenian girls, known as well by their prettiness, king character, absence of feminism and complete sacrifice to the husband and kids. Not less important is the fact that women of Armenia are eager to leave the country in search of good fiancée abroad.

There are no clear statistics which marriage out of a hundred in Armenia is international, but the proportion of foreign fiancées for Armenian women is higher and higher every year. The reasons why Armenian women would like to leave their home country for the USA or Australia are clear and were previously described in our articles on this website. Nevertheless, we are going briefly inform you about some of them in this article as well. Armenian society is more and more worried about huge amount of young women who would like to leave their home forever in search of future perspectives.

The situation with Armenian women who marry abroad is not as highly exaggerated as for example, in Moldova, where every third girls leaves the county and gets married to foreigner, but at the same time still a lot of future generation of Armenia, future mothers and culture supporters are leaving the country forever in search of better life. Slowly but with stable plus every month and every year the amount of Armenian brides who are getting married in the USA is growing. Not such a rapid growth with the statistics where Armenian woman is married to Canadian, Australian or a guy from New Zealand. More and more often become cases when Armenians get married to citizens of prosperous Western European countries like Germany, Italia, Spain, France or even Norway. The reasons for such intention to marry foreigner is moving to the West. West automatically means for Armenian woman prosperity, better status in the society including at home, when she visits her family of holidays; such easy mercantile wishes become the main power that forces Armenian girls to look for the rich West. Many of them do not realize that life in America or Western Europe is full of challenges as well and to earn good salary and live normal life both spouses have to work and usually work hard. The stereotype of Armenian women that husband works and wife is keeping the house and takes care of the children does not work in Western countries, where women and men are equal and therefore have to bring income at home; such an attitude and traditional Armenian behavior may become a great minus and cause problems based on cultural differences. If Armenian woman still decide to get married with foreigner and after she has fount suitable candidate for fiancée, she has to decide where this marriage would take place and there are two ways: to get married in Armenia or when Armenian woman is getting married in the USA or other foreign country. If woman from Armenia is married in the USA, for example, there is no repeated registration of this marriage in Armenia and that becomes problem to the authorities of this country as they could not calculate how many women of the country exactly were married and live abroad. The authorities do not solve material problems of the population properly and instead are trying to fight with consequences but not to solve the reason of such huge marriage-migration by representatives of their country.

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Idea to marry foreigner because he is reach one day would lead to disappointment and some bad consequences; of course, this happens not very often, but there are many cases when foreign woman is suffering in marriage somewhere in America and at the same time is totally helpless in the foreign country. Some say motherhood instinct calls Armenian women to move abroad as there they feel themselves secured financially and therefore could give their children better life. Every mother wishes her children better chance in life for self development and of course those chances are higher in the USA than in Armenia and we could not judge Armenian women for that, only except for being in their shoes. By the fact, in is pretty easy in terms of law for Armenian woman to marry foreigner and pretty hard to solve up the cultural difference withing her own family; like to explain to the father that she is going to marry person of other nationality.

Armenia is not very popular country where foreigners are looking for potential wives. They would rather find Armenian girl abroad and keep in contact with her than go to Armenia, the country which they are afraid to visit. Are Armenian women ready to take the first place among other women of Eastern European part in the fight for foreign fiancée? Must say they are certainly in the top of among Eastern European countries. Since unstable political situation in Russia and war between Russia and Ukraine, more and more become popular Armenian girls. They have their own pretty features that are hard to describe and those features are not only visible and of visual origin, when we imply appearance, but also features of character. Armenian women are definitely treasure for men from any part of the world as they could be very kind, simple in character, caring mothers and good, intelligent, pretty wives.

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