Appearance of typical Romanian woman

It is often said that Romanian women are the most beautiful in the world. How much of myth and how much truth is there in this statement?

“Women in Romania are certainly the smartest and most beautiful in Europe. I know what I say, because I am French, who is married to Romanian, and we have wonderful children. I do not know any other country, except for Romania, where women were dressed so beautiful, use such proper makeup or use appropriate perfumes”.

This is what men say about Romanian girls on foreign forums. But what about Romanian men, what they say about their women? Romanian writer Christian Shtefenesku tried to describe Romanian women within one word: cheerful. “Many years ago, someone told me that he liked to walk near University Square (center of Bucharest) because there he met many beautiful women. The closer you come to the East European space, the more beautiful women become. In my point of view, they have less aggressive beauty in a good sense of this word. Romanian girls are ‘alive’. They live in a normal rhythm. In other parts of the world, women of a certain age are trying to live their glory. Romanian women consider every stage of their lives the most important and recent”.

Radu Serban is a leading Romanian stylist. He worked with the most beautiful women of the time. Despite all, he tries to find beauty in every woman. He says that in Romania there are no ugly women, only less rich, but they also could be dressed very well, “Women are very nice… they are fragile and beautiful with facial features and body, beautiful hair… it seems that beauty of Romanian girls begins with their soul, they are gentle, hospitable, able to talk and keep talking, they like beauty, they like to flirt. I look at my wife, every time, before she leaves the house, because once again she looks in the mirror. My daughter does the same. Never leaves home before looking in the mirror”.

Liliana Cyrus was a model within 9 years. We asked what are appearance and features of typical Romanian woman: “Much of Romanian women are brunettes. We are long-haired, black-eyed or green-eyed brunettes with long legs and a very good shaped body; long neck. Romanian girls are quite tall 1.70 – 1.80 m, which is normal height for us. Young girls are already real ladies, like to flirt.”

We have asked Lidzhiya Alexandrescu, a specialist on food hygiene, why are Romanian women so beautiful. “I think we are talking about gene transferred beauty, a good combination of Mediterranean temperament and body figures combined with Greek and Roman influence. We have a lot of sun, four seasons and the transition from warm to cold helps preserve skin beauty; we have the sea and the mountains in Romania, in theory, our climate is very good and all these natural factors help Romanian woman to be beautiful.”

Of course, natural factors are important, but Romanian women are trained to be good and do not fear anything new: permanent makeup, revolutionary creams, cosmetic products and expensive laser hair removal, nothing is expensive when it comes to beauty. Cosmetic products market in Romania last year exceeded 350 million Euros. Beauty is always crowded, and prices for services are still available, much lower than in other EU countries. For 60 Euros, for example, Romanian woman can spend the day at the beauty salon. Ildiko Zeresku, makeup expert, told me that her business experienced success in the past two years, “Romanian women are trained to take care of their figures, one can see it among grandmothers and mothers and then try to be beautiful. Romanian girls put emphasis on appearance, image, open to everything new, if they hear something fashionable, they say: “If it is in trend, then this is for me!”

Blondes, brunettes or red, tall or fragile, Romanian women are good because they feel so because they say this often, but it’s not groundless speech, by the way, because the one who perceives the beauty is able to appreciate it. As said Shtefenesku, alleged writer, probably the most important feature of Romanian women is the inner light, through which they shine when photographed, but when they go home and carry a bag in one hand and heavy bag with vegetables in another: “The generation that lived in different conditions and could no longer to be sorry for the lost time, generation that took its fate or recalls the events which occurred in very poor conditions. Maybe if they smiled more, they would have been more beautiful.”

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