Appearance and peculiarities of typical Czech girl

Prague is great place to live and it is perfect as well as for the whole family life and also for single person like I am. Everything here in Czech republic is on a professional level, including hockey and women. I must admit that Czech beer is delicious and Czech girls are beautiful. But Czech language may bring you some surprises and the same with female part of the society here that also would bring you to the world full of pleasant surprises.

How Czech girls look like?

Is there something special about appearance of Czech women? Czech women are typical Western Slavs. There is certain mixture of German and Slavic in their faces, I would say. That is nice combination of typical German “elongation” of the face and the right comely Slavic features. Very often Czech girls have quite long noses, sometimes with a small hump. As a rule, girls from Czech Republic are thin and do not suffer from extra kilos. Hair color that distinguishes women of this Central European country is largely brown, like most of typical Slavs have. Sometimes there are burning brunettes and I think mixture of Roma blood makes this features be possible; as for natural blondes, there are much less of them than other types in Czech Republic. Hair of Czech girls is quite light and thin. Czech women like to dye their hair. Favorite colors are blonde and hot black. It is rare to find Czech woman with natural hair color.

Czech girls are not particularly fond of cosmetics and those let’s call them “feminine” dresses.

They almost never wear high heels, skirts and use very little make up or do not use it at all as they think they are naturally pretty and this type of beauty is the best. It is not accepted to wear natural fur and fur coats, it is considered vulgar and even somehow wildly, especially for young women. In short, Czech women prefer naturalness and convenience. The most common clothes for Czech girl is jeans, short jacket, hiking shoes or sneakers, backpacks. Czech women like to emphasize individuality and femininity by using different accessories: scarves, glasses, bracelets and other jewelry.

Czech girls like perfumes.

For example, when being in public transport you will often smell pleasant perfume and deodorants. Heels are not accepted to go in daily life because of the many bridges in Prague. And also high heels are considered to be harmful to health. This style is also reflected in the many clothing stores of Czech Republic.

Czech girls living in villages generally are dressed more than practical.

Occasionally you will see in small Czech towns and villages more or less made-up women. Czech girls prefer to dress in the most economical boutiques and stores. For me it was always interesting to learn that many of Czech girls with relatively high salaries consider irreproachable dress in the nearest Vietnamese market or store. In any case, expensive clothes and underwear is not a fetish. Here you will surprise nobody that you have jeans or a coat from famous brand. On the contrary, everyone will think you’re crazy just to spend such huge amounts of money on clothes. However, Czech women are very inspired, when you tell them about discounts and sales in their favorite affordable boutiques.

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