Alien about Russian women: Despite the sanctions, they still want to take us to marry’

Although Valentine’s Day is considered to be not the holiday which Russians consider ‘their one’, it does not prevent foreigners’ still love Russian women. In Moscow every tourist will immediately appreciate the beauty and elegance of Russian women, their femininity, elegance, the way they behave. In Russia women can be women and men can be men. In Europe and in the U.S., unfortunately, the borders of differences between the sexes are lost. In other words, Russian woman in love is reliable and devoted, not making scandals or complain because of minor problems. Although, Russian women know how “to show the character”, if needed. In Europe many women imitating men in clothes they wear, in a manner of speech and very often are rather aggressive. In America there is almost zero opportunity to meet really beautiful woman by accident on the street, in the supermarket or in the aircraft. And in Russia there is a possibility to stop the prettiest girl on the street and she’d even go for coffee with you. Of course, not every girl, but the chances are high.

American woman feels especially powerful if she is pretty. Her ego rolls over, because all the time she is “suffering” from endless male attention. Starting from a hike in the cafe in the morning until the evening, when she is dancing at the disco with her friends – the looks and compliments make her feel super desirable person. In the States, a beautiful woman is well aware of her value and not only can choose, but often chooses among men meticulously. It is very difficult for American man not only to enter into a relationship with a beautiful woman at home, it’s hard to even get to know her. So “spoiled” by attention and not reachable pretty American women could often be. That’s why many Americans go to Russia seeking for real woman to marry.

There are common features of American women, which describe why they do not attract men. The most unattractive are women, who always complain about everything, no matter whether it is rain or shine, frost or heat. She cannot stand her boyfriend’s friends, does not find anything to be beautiful: neither sunset nor a walk, destroying everything that makes her boyfriend (husband) happy. Too much focused on her weight. Asking all the time, “Do you think I’m fat?” She lives for the sake of balance. Unattractive is also the one who considers all the relatives of her husband as a pretext for war and asks husband to decide whether he is with her, or with his parents. Some women are obsessed with work. For such type work and the problems associated with it mean literary everything. And the husband must be “a shoulder”, constantly available to support and become the vest for her tears. And one more type of American woman: if her friend broke up with the guy she runs to support her for a week and helps everyone apart from her husband.

There are also American women, who with their regular tantrums can make escape even much enamored man. And American men tired of the neurotic relationship decide to seek less selfish than their compatriots women out of home country. Russian women, unlike American, manage to combine work with home.

However, many very beautiful women from the former Soviet Union have complained how difficult is to find an adequate partner. And after coming to live in the States, these women gain a sense of self-worth. However, it often happens that knowing her power and strengthen self-esteem, they begin to use it as personal weapon and become unattainable and self-centered, taking the example of American women.

American women in real life often do not admit that the man was gallant towards them. But at the same time paradox is when they accuse their men that they forget their authoritarian role. In Russia young people quickly make decisions about marriage, divorce, even if they already have children. In the U.S. all the way around: up to 30 years, you learn and then possibly get married – but not at a breakneck pace and for a long time thinking about this big decision. The crisis has further pushed the bar: the youth does not get married because of the economic situation. Marriage for the Americans is a great value. But today the rules in the U.S. are not as strict as in the old days, when parents and all relatives would certainly require a legal marriage and if a couple cohabited it was considered a disgrace. Today, many Americans simply live together, because if something goes wrong the divorce will be very expensive.

Many Russian women are seeking to marry American, but do not take on a personal level, cultural differences and that is why so many of them feel unhappy later. These are main challenges of international marriages. American men are actually very jealous. But they used to take care of many women at once and do not see anything wrong with that. And on the basis of their habit they complain that their women have turned into selfish monsters unable to experience real feelings. How to deal, if the American man, on the one hand, fell in love with you so you combined legal marriage, but on the other hand, remains a ladies’ man? Russian woman should understand that this is a national heritage of Casanova. He has married her and it was his conscious choice and everything else is just an innate gallantry. Americans are known by the so-called “courtship” or flirt according women, often they do it unnecessarily, without special purpose and probably even rarely, but for most of Russian women it would seem as the actual betrayal. Russian wife should not pay any importance to this, but she must learn to value herself highly, as well. There are a lot of happy Russian-American couples in which both – mind and patience helped to overcome all the difficulties.

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