Advices Russian women who want to marry foreigner give each other

What Russian women expect from foreign husband? What advices they give each other?

If you are Russian woman who decided to seek the fortune abroad and want to live in Europe, then you definitely need to learn more about European men. It is important to understand how they differ from your fellow citizens – Russian men, what Europeans love, what fears Europeans have and what their main life values are.

The first thing Russian woman has to remember that it’s not only her – darling, thoughtful, lonely beauty aspire to marry a foreigner, but that smart, successful, wealthy European men are living with the dream to meet a gentle, feminine and loyal companion, with whom is possible to go through life. That is exactly what Russian women know and how they behave. Educated men from Western Europe are well aware of the peculiarities of Russian women: the beauty (internal and external), the ability to love … Family and children are still the most important things in the whole life for Russian women. That is why descent European men turn to marriage agencies hoping to find  “the only one”.

What Russian women do to interest and fascinate decent European man so his heart could feel she is the only woman he had waited for all his life? Russian women know the secrets of how to perceive European husband, to learn to understand and respect his traditions, not forgetting about own feelings. Russian women use those secrets to attract foreigner. So, what is it that distinguishes a foreigner? How Russian women see the mentality of modern foreign men?

According to Russian women foreign men live by the principle “Live and enjoy this world”. Europeans do not live with dreams twisted in the clouds, building castles in the sky; they do not make plans that will not be able to implement. European men did not exaggerate their capabilities, with a clear understanding of what they want from life and what is the next target. You probably have observed that the expressions on the faces of foreigners are different from Russians, they are distinguished by openness. Why foreign men often look younger than they really are and why it is often difficult to determine their age? They have no concern tensions. Foreigners do not like gloomy people who complaint about personal problems and try to avoid negativity.

State shall ensure consistently high standard of living and social policy so European or American can feel much more confident in the future that average Russian. Taking the decision to marry a European or American Russian women understand and accept: the average European or American is confident that the products that he/she buys every day at the supermarket are always fresh and environmentally friendly; competitive salary will be in time on the bank account; the bus will come right on schedule; in the hospital one would get professional help etc. This is habitual way of life in Europe and the U.S., which is inculcated to children from birth, so the Europeans are healthy mentally and physically, they live in harmony with themselves and with the outside world – and that attracts Russian women.

Europeans have respect for women. Europeans and Americans are respectful to women, Russian wife for a foreign man is a friend, an equal partner, while foreign men appreciate female beauty and know how to be admired. Creating a family, man is committed to ensure a decent standard of life for his beloved wife and their future children. Europeans are suitable for the establishment of the family very seriously and deliberately, because in the minds of European society, the family is the most important concept, generated with centuries of traditions. You could ask then why is there lack of happy couples in Europe if the men are so remarkable? Does Europe or the U.S. not have their clever and beautiful, educated, ready to start family women? Why foreigners are choosing Russian women as wives? Of course there are women, but there are more men in Europe and the U.S. than women and the situation is similar to that of the Russian, but the exact opposite.

The Second World War claimed the lives of millions of Russian men. The last decade of the 20th century was marked by protracted crises, unstable economic situation and now contributes to the fact that a large number of Russians suffer from alcoholism and nervous disorders. Early mortality among men due to heart attacks and strokes in the background of stress is appalling. In Russia there is an entirely paradoxical situation for the whole world, when women engage in a struggle with each other for the right to be with a man, seeking his care and love. But they fight mostly for descent man. As a result, it turns out that Russian women who have lost the fight are choosing any man clutching at the first available or are mired in splendid isolation… or start dating beloved guy from another country.

In Europe and in the U.S. women know their value, they are independent and emancipated. Career for them is the priority of personal life and the ability to fascinate men has gone long ago from the program of daughters’ education and not survived as irrelevant fact. Male for European women today is perceived as an attribute of the convenience and comfort of modern life and also for the purpose of procreation. It is not even going about cordiality, care and tenderness towards man and taking him for what he is with all his desires, emotions and passions. Of course, among European and American women you may found a good housewives, caring and affectionate mothers. But now it is becoming more an exception rather than the rule for Europe. Great part of the female population of modern Europe is the result of modern emancipation.

Despite the obvious imbalances in the society, nature strives for excellence and that is why the less European women care about the happiness and well-being, the more American and European men want to have such close faithful companion as Russian wife. And they find wife in Russia, where woman is ready to marry a foreigner, to give him the warmth and care.

Attitude towards the family. Foreign men and Russian women have common value of life called the family. For example, for Italians the family is sacred while Chinese men are hard-working and loyal husbands for their wives.

In various European countries the traditions and way of life are different, but in all European countries since early childhood the boys learn the commandment that the family is serious issue. Before getting married the foreign man assesses his material capabilities, whether he can provide a decent life for his beloved wife and give a good life, education, upbringing etc., to their common children. Early marriages at the age of 19-20 are extremely rare, since in Europe people are carefully prepared for such a serious step. European legislation allows Europeans to marry pretty easy (from a legal perspective), and on the other hand, there is a long and complex procedure of divorce. In the case of the controversial court issues a decision almost certainly is taken out in favor of women and children.

European men perceive a successful marriage with a woman like a gift from above, to which they have put a lot of energy and effort and that is why they know how to appreciate this gift. The principle of the European marriage is the equality between the spouses and the ability to find a compromise. Pledge of happy couples of Russian woman and her foreign husband is that people tend to do everything together: together to raise children walking in the park with a dog, go shopping together and having rest on the sea together. Children for the foreign husband are a gift of fate, the highest good! If a man marries a woman with a child, it shall be for him the same responsibility as for their common children, and they do not divide children on “their own” and “others”.

Europeans and Americans have very democratic approach to the education of children at a younger age, allowing them a lot. However, once children reach adulthood parents give full opportunity to live independently without excessive custody. Once children grow up entirely, Americans and Europeans devote their lives to their hobbies, travel, exploring something new. Every normal European man believe that marriage should be only once in his life and the sacred duty of man is to make his wife happy and grow healthy, smart and happy children.

Now clear is answer to the question why foreign men with special trepidation and enthusiasm are attracted to Russian women. Russian women and American and European men have the main in common: they both want the same -happiness and understanding in relationships. When there is a mutual attraction – there are no language barriers, differences in mentality, thousands of kilometers away… Conscious understanding between people is the most solid foundation for a happy marriage. An important role in marriage has a sense of human gratitude, and this often distinguishes international marriages. By entering into a marriage with a foreigner, Russian women are grateful to their foreign husbands for respect, for a sense of security and confidence in the future, while foreign husbands are thankful to Russian wives for genuine concern, tenderness, empathy and loyalty: qualities that were valued in Russian women at all times.

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