About us

There are a lot of articles written on the web about Ukrainian girls and their beauty. But the problem is that vast majority of those articles are written on demand – they were paid to write for special demand of dating agency or dating website. It is pretty clear that quality of such articles is not always acceptable. Even if article about Ukrainian girl is written by English native speaker with perfect grammar very often the author doesn’t know what he / she is writing about – this is called copywright on demand, sad but real thing in modern Web when people often don’t know the topic they are writing about.

If some ‘avarage John‘ gets task to write let’s say about ‘How to make positive imression on Ukrainian girlfriend’s parents‘ in the best case he is going to search some info (maybe most info he would find would also be written by the same ‘average freelancer John‘) and after getting some general information he is going to make up a story and write an article with tips and advices on dating Ukrainian girl. You may imagine what kind of tips would be those pieces of advice – it is the same as if the guy who has never driven a car would write an article… something about ‘How to park your car in the crowded place near the mall downtown‘. In the worst case ‘average John‘ would just make up a story based on stereotypes he has heard or will make up an article without any proven things in it – and such an advice you are going to use in your attempts to approach Ukrainian girl. No wonder if you will fail fast, because after writing one article on the topic about Ukrainian girls ‘average John‘ is in hurry to write about ‘How to install coffee machine in your garage‘ and ‘What is the best time of year to have emotional retreat in the forest‘.

What we propose instead?

We think that the best is to share your experience in the field you know. Who could know Ukrainian girls and Ukrainian society better than Ukrainian guy who lived in Ukraine for about 30 years and visits this country often even nowadays? Yes, maybe his English is not that perfect as the language of native speaker, maybe there are some mistakes in the articles, but the main goal is to share real experience and to show the things in Ukraine how they really are.

Not a macho!

Must say that most of the articles are written here by Ukrainian guy who is just an ordinary guy. He has never learned some pick up skills and does not seduced hundreds of Ukrainian women and is not a modern Don Juan or macho, but at the same time he had Ukrainian girlfriends and real life experience which he shares with readers who really want to find out something about Ukrainian girls. No one is not going to boast here with thousands of women visited and ‘giving keys’ how to seduce which often = break the heart of the girl.

Don’t expect here for quick guide to get Ukrainian girl!

It is NOT a place where someone teaches you pick up skills to get the girl for one night stand as quick as possible or something like that. It is a website where REAL Ukrainian and foreign guys share their REAL experience with dating, living, spending time with Ukrainian women. Although, mostly Ukrainian guys are given the preference to share their experience here.