About “untouchable” women in Nepal

There are about 29 million people living in Nepal belonging to a hundred different nationalities and speaking 70 different languages. Moreover, the population is divided into many different castes. Although the caste system of Nepal is somewhat different from the Indian caste system, but the essence is still the same: there are higher castes, there are lower castes, and there are castes of untouchables. People from castes “kami,” “damai,” “sarcas,” and many others belong to the category of untouchables and have the lowest social status. The life of the “untouchable” is already hard on its own, but if the “untouchable” is also a woman, then all the hardships increase to truly inhuman dimensions.

The destiny of women from the caste “badi” is prostitution. Leela Badi worked as a prostitute for many years. Her daughter Punam did not omit this fate as well. While Punam is busy at work, Leela looks after her granddaughter and supplies condoms to the guests’ house. To distract the “untouchable” women from prostitution, the Nepalese government offers financial assistance amounting to 15,000 Nepalese rupees ($ 200). But this is not enough for a woman to give up her trade, because she can hardly find another job. Woman of the badi caste still will be treated like a prostitute, whatever she does for life.

Even the name Badi in Nepal is considered a disgrace. Although, despite the strength of tradition, some Badi women still manage to avoid prostitution, but the attitude to them does not change. Rome Badi does not engage in prostitution, but almost every night on her doorstep there are companies of fun young people offering almost 2 euros for one night. Rome Badi is forced to keep the defense against that. Read also: Severe weekdays of Nepali women

More than half a million Nepalese women suffer from various serious gynecological diseases. The most common are occurrence of ovulation and prolapse of the uterus and vagina. These diseases are always associated with severe pain. But is not very common to protect women’s health in Nepal and very few people can afford expensive medicine. Many Nepalese women are engaged in agriculture where they regularly have to endure enormous burdens. Women carry water, firewood and building materials. Work is necessary up to the time when woman bare a child and only a few days after she gives the birth to a child Nepali woman returns to heavy physical labor.

In many areas of western Nepal is still kept the tradition of Chaupadi. According to this ancient tradition, a woman during the menstrual cycle is considered “unclean”, and therefore she is evicted from the house in a special shed. During this time a woman should not touch not only her husband, but even pets and trees. She is also forbidden to wash herself. Also it is forbidden to eat meat, drink milk, enter the house and use warm things. All these days a woman can eat only rice and water. In this state, women are most vulnerable to various diseases. In addition, poisonous snakes often creep into a lonely rural shed.

Many women from rural areas of Nepal think that to be born a woman in Nepal is the worst thing that can ever happen to a person. Western Nepal suffered greatly during the clashes with the Maoists. Until now, western Nepal is one of the most backward regions of this country and there are very few prospects for improving the situation.

As you see, it is hard to find girlfriend in Nepal if you have traditional western understanding of the world. But there is high chance for you to visit this country and save some poor Nepali girl from such severe fate. If she becomes your wife she will be grateful and devoted wife to you for all the times. Read also: What you have to know before marriyng Nepal girl

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