About Belarusian women, American men and their common relations

By an expression “American Belarus women” the first what comes up in mind is woman from Belarus who lives in USA for a long time or immigrant from Belarus who has got right for permanent living in the United States. It could also be possible to interpret such an expression as the meaning of girl of Belarus origin, but the one who was already born in the United States. Such kind of girls are pretty, but they have American stereotypes, American style of life and thinking, and if you are looking for pretty and intelligent Belarusian woman for a wife, you need the one from Belarus or an immigrant girl as it would mean except for beauty and intelligence she is good housewife, caring mother and lets her husband to be the dominant person in a family.

How are Belarus women different from American? Well, American women are usually more self-oriented. For American woman she is the center of Universe and she takes care of herself. American woman, unlike Belarusian ones, are much more emancipated. It is very common for woman from the U.S. to reach the goals herself, build a career. On the contrary, the main goal for Belarusian woman is creation of happy family with beloved husband. On genetic level she is ready to sacrifice herself to the family, kids, and husband. Belarusian woman is ready to be weak so her husband could feel strong man. One more thing, if Belarusian wife is waiting her husband will bring more money to the family as the male getter; American woman is independent, earns enough money for herself and almost never is dependent on husband. On the contrary, it is normal for girl from Belarus to be housewife, bringing up kids, cleaning the house and preparing food, while her husband is working. Of, course, in Belarus women beside all the work I counted, are going to work, though, they usually earn less than man. But since Belarusian woman moves to live abroad, she is waiting her husband to earn and she would look after the house and rise up children. There are exceptions, but as usual it is as I wrote.

Who are those Belarus women who want to come to America? In most cases those are nice pretty looking, kind, intelligent and interesting personalities. They decided to move to the USA not because they were in much need of it, but just because they have met American man, whom they liked and moved to his country, a country with better living conditions. There are marriages when spouses choose to live in Belarus, but it is mostly when husband has business in Belarus. Is it so bad in Belarus? Not that bad, I would say. People are not poor, they earn good salaries and have good abilities for family creation, but there are problems with freedom of speech and corruption in the country, but not as much as in Ukraine or Russia. It would be not true if I say only some Belarusian girls eager to marry American or other foreigner. Many girls in Belarus dream of moving away from Belarus, because believe life in the USA is like in the movies, where she has not to work at all and be such a princess. Must say, most scammers are at home in Belarus, as their aim is not to get married to foreigner and move, but to possess his money.  To sum up, I would say those women from Belarus who would move to America are normal, well educated pretty women, who are not in need in their country, but would like to live in more civilized and better country with beloved man and family.

Not rare are cases when American citizen is looking for Belarus women for marriage to American man. This trend becomes more popular as since there is war between Ukraine and Russia, many Americans are afraid to visit Ukraine or Russia in marriage purposes. Must say there is nothing to be afraid, just not visit east of Ukraine, as other parts of the country are safe to live, even safer that big cities in the U.S. But let us back to the point, called Belarusian woman. They have the same Slavic origin and type of appearance and that’s why are so desirable by Americans and other foreigners. Read also: Must know to marry Belarusian woman

Why do American men like Belarusian girls? Belarusian girls are not emancipated, kind and put the man on the first place in relations, showing they are ready to be obedient wives. Belarusian woman allows American man to be a man in full aspect. She does not intend to be independent or telling him about his drawbacks. On the contrary, she is ready to support her man, to give his useful advices, always ready to commiserate and help. And this is what American man gets from very beautiful model look woman. Belarusian woman are really like models, take care of them, have desire to look pretty and sexy. Dress up fancy and use proper make up, unlike greasy American woman in wide clothes and terrible haircut. Besides being very pretty, Belarusian women are intelligent, as most of them have finished Universities. It is very interesting to have conversations with them, as they know a lot about the world, relations, just everything and it is very interesting to discuss any topic with them. American men like Belarusian girls for the ability to be good housewife as they like to cook tasty dishes, take care for the house and garden. Belarusian woman is usually caring mother, who adores kids. And now tell me, how could man not to love Belarusian girls?

Are Belarus girls coming to the US? I would not say it is something massive, but there are girls from Belarus who come to the US and the reasons are different. Some came in educational purposes and some visit the USA as tourists, but most of girls are emigrants and stay in America for permanent living. The United States is the country where many people of the world would dream to live in and this is not only about Belarusian women. Beside the reasons as willing to live in developed and rich country with high social standards, Belarusian women are leaving to the US because of the man’s attitude. The thing is Belarusian man do not pay much attention to the girls in their country. There are more women than man in Belarus and men use this situation to choose. Belarusian men treat their women not proper, showing they don’t really care, because in any case he has a few girls to choose from. In addition, Belarusian man is not very successful as usual. He does not really care about his appearance and does not earn much. And now let us think about American man, who got used to emancipated American woman. American man is tolerant, refined and somehow even cautious in relations with woman. And imagine what happens when Belarusian woman faces with such gentle attitude? This is attitude of love and respect, the things she could get so rare from Belarusian men. And American man is so happy, because in the USA he could never dream such a pretty girl would pay attention to him (especially if he is aged). He starts to give her compliments and presents and Belarusian woman is out of mind, because this is so touchy! The thing Belarusian women move abroad and to the US particularly are not about money, but about better attitude and treat. Better attitude of lovely husband and better attitude of the society in general, society where you can express yourself, reach the goals and no one would care how you are dressed up today.

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