About Armenian women, American men and their relations in common

When we say “American Armenian girl” we keep in mind girl who originally is from Armenia, but because of some reasons lives in the United states. This could be temporary residence permit or she could live in the US for a long time as her parents came here some long time ago and she was born here. What is so special about those Armenian girls who live in States? If such a girl/woman was born not in Armenia, but from the early childhood was living in American environment, she already looks at the world as American citizen, but at the same time had inherited original Armenian beauty.

This beauty could be spoiled a little (or more) by American lazy way of life, things like junk food etc. Nevertheless, this impact is usually minimal and origin beauty that is inherited with genome is always what makes them “the girlfriend from your wish” or very desirable wife. American approach to life would simplify the attempts to conquer such Armenian beauty, because girls from Armenia (students, immigrants) usually live within their community in foreign environment and therefore it is hard for American to keep in contact with them; language barrier might be problem as well in this case.

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Are those Armenian beauties different from American women? Of course, they are different, if we are talking about both types of Armenian women we described little earlier. Immigrant Armenian women is more deeply involved into her own culture, it is hard to her to get used to new American atmosphere, but at the same time such a girl would be perfect wife, because she is not so emancipated; she is more family oriented. Armenian girls who were born in America are easier to make contact as they thing as average American, but they are more self oriented and the only difference between them and other American women is their special features of appearance, such pretty faces and figure that makes every American man just go crazy about them. Girl from Armenia who was born there and lived there for a long time is family oriented. Family, children and husband are the main things in her life, and at the same for American Armenian women career and self-pleasure might be the main things in her life, of course, it is not necessarily, every woman is unique, but here I’m speaking in general. To say it simply, there are just different types of goals in life Armenian and Armenian women would like to achieve. American woman in most cases is not ready to sacrifice herself to a family life, happy husband near and stuff like that, unlike Armenian one, who is ready to cook, iron, clean the house, wash dishes and take care not only about kids, but take care about the husband as if he is a kid himself. Among minuses of Armenian women is the fact that she is ready to give all her love, patience and care to a man, who will bring money to the family, such a classic type, which is not popular for many years on West. Woman from America is independent person, who earns good money, very often even more than a husband and because of that she is ready to share her spare time with other people, but not with husband or kids only, she is getter-woman, if we may say so, and for that impact she brings to the family she is ready to get what she would like, not sacrificing herself to the family. Probably, that is the main reason between life approach of Armenian and American woman.

Do we know a lot about those women from Armenia who come to America? To sum it up briefly, those are very pretty, intelligent, educated women, usually religious, but not very practicing ones. They moved to the US not because of a great need, but more often because they met some American man who asked her to be his wife. Very rare when American husband and Armenian wife choose to live in Armenia, it is much more logical to choose prosperous America, where there are much more chances for better life for them and for future kids; I assume, there are facts that it might be even dangerous for American to live in Armenia and there is no job for him or it is very low-payee. I am not sure how many Armenian girls are dreaming about moving to the USA, but probably this percentage is huge, especially among young girls, who were not in relations, because relations are very serious for Armenian girls and usually her first boyfriend becomes her future husband. So, if you would like to pick up some Armenian girl and so within the time she becomes your lady number one, you have to hurry up and do it fast, when she is alone and does not have a boyfriend.

There are often cases when American is looking for Armenian girl for a wife and he is right. This is very popular as Armenian women do not satisfy American men with many factors and Armenian girl is ready to fulfill all his dreams. Armenians have huge diasporas in the USA and that’s why many Americans know how pretty Armenian girls are in reality, not from websites or just some pictures; our website is here for you to make your search more successful and help you to get to know about pluses and minuses of Armenian girls, but as you see, there are much more pluses.

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Why American men like Armenian women so much? First of all, they are not emancipated; they are ready to be obedient wives. When we are talking about relations between Armenian women and American men, some might think this is something special or even non-trivial. Must say there is no room at all for such thoughts as men and women are the same all over the world, and when it is going about close contact, I mean communication, relations and simply conversation between two persons, than the nationality doe s not matter. Mother nature has created us in such a way than we have all that chemical connections and hormonal influence and I guess this is in order human population never extinct. There are a lot of words, but to sum it up I might highlight only one fact – there is no difference between nationalities, Armenian or American, when it is going about real love, real feelings or real chemistry, whatever you call it. Always keep that in mind and don’t pay attention to the opinion of other people, because the main thing is your feelings and if you are American man who liked girl from Armenia, you have to do some actions to conquer her heart or at least she pay her attention to you.

Spouses where American man is the head of the family and Armenian woman is “the keeper of the family fire” are more and more frequent in America. In this particular case we are talking about relations where woman is originally from Armenia and has come to the United States as the immigrant, later on she has met American boy, he liked her and she has got interested in him. Within some time closer relations has tied even more. As a good trick to get her closer near him he used the lessons of English trick. He told her he can help her to improve English as he is native speaker, and of course this is good topic to discuss and nice try to get closer to each other. This is only one hint or who knows, maybe a typical story when Armenian woman becomes an object number one for American man and he is trying to do his best to have her heart conquered. This is going not only about beauty of Armenian women and because of that Americans are trying to marry Armenians. This is something that is much deeper, like feelings, Armenian care of a family, genuine naivety, maybe even mysterious and exotic to average American Armenian culture. All those factors along with non-emancipative behavior of Armenian women lead to the fact that more and more American men are trying to marry Armenian girls and those who didn’t marry yet are focused on how to become their boyfriends.

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