A true story how dating scam schemes work in Ukraine

When average American guy, let’s name him John, comes up with an idea to find Ukrainian girl for dating online he assumes the procedure is pretty simple. Something if he would like to buy a new laptop. What does he do in this case? He uses search engine to find websites which sell laptops and chooses model he likes with appropriate for him characteristics. Next step – he checks other websites for price and then he orders laptop. When the same guy starts looking for Ukrainian girls online he rules the same logic – finds the most trusted dating websites, decides whether he would like to date the girl with black, blond or red hair, blue or grey eyes and so on and final result – he pays for access to profiles and hopes now he’s got what he wants! And here he stumbles upon huge problem. Everything would be ok if he was looking for American girl on such website (s), but Ukrainian girls just do not register on these, predominantly American, sites.

Why Ukrainian girls do not register on dating sites?

1. In Ukraine dating culture is on more old school, traditional level. Dating via websites or dating apps is considered not serious thing where there is impossible to find real soulmate.

2. Dating online is not widespread in Ukraine because Ukrainian girls have lots of attention in real life and they have no need to look for boyfriend on the Internet.

3. Level of Ukrainian girls’ English is either very poor or they do not speak English at all.

4. If Ukrainian girl still hardly decides to find overseas boyfriend or husband she uses the services of Ukrainian dating or (and) marriage agency(ies). And here there are two possible ways:

a) Respectable Ukrainian dating agencies really create profiles of real Ukrainian women and translate information about them into English. Later communication between potential overseas fiancé (boyfriend) and Ukrainian woman is provided through intermediary who is fluent in English. Very often client from the US or Canada has to wait for long to get the answer for the mail he’d sent to desirable Ukrainian lady. Actually, this is not the worst option, but real communication is possible only when visiting Ukraine and while meeting with particular woman. Although even here you probably would have to find interpreter because Ukrainian lady would have either poor English or complete lack of English language skills.

b) Scam ‘agencies’ which only pretend to offer real dating services. They imitate work of real dating agencies, but what they do is actually horrible. They create fake profiles with fake pictures where the main aim is to attract trustful foreigner by different possible ways – sexy picture, for example. If it is chat than you can’t see the face of your interlocutor and that’s why many guys actually text with someone else, but not a person from the picture. Usually Ukrainian girls and guys (!) of different ages who speak fluent English work in such “agencies”. Recently we wrote true story of two Ukrainian girls who work in such ‘dating sphere’ in Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr and you can read it here. Usually these people who work there are graduates of Ukrainian philological Universities with advanced or professional level of English that’s why American, Australian or Canadian on the other side of the monitor thinks he chats with real Ukrainian girl and can’t believe at his luck to find such woman in Ukraine as fast. Scammers went even more inventive. They hire girls who chat online on video chat and as you might assume this is paid much better. The problem is that if man from overseas decides to visit Ukraine he would never find real girl.

Confession of Ukrainian guy who has worked for such pseudo “agency”

Now he works in one of Lviv IT offices, but for less than a month he tried himself as ‘translator’ in one of such scam agencies. He says he could not stand working there anymore because it was enormously hard in terms of morality for him. All the work is chatting with foreign guys who think you are woman from the picture. The longer you chat, the more money you earn. Foreigner pays whole sum of money and huge part goes to “agency” and percentage goes to “translator”. As our confessor says, the hardest was to live with all that because he was creating some imaginary image of pretty and intelligent Ukrainian woman and overseas men often felt in love with that non-existing in reality image. He also said that such “agencies” often do not pay all “earned” by translator. When he decided to quit they did not pay him certain amount of money. But he did what he could – on all chats and forums where it was possible he has added information about this “agency” as about scammers where recommended to stay away from them.

Sum up

As you see, it is always needed to think using your brain, but not… yes, not to be ruled by hormones and emotions as this is one more reason why scammers flourish on the Web. When man has insurmountable desire there are not many things which can stop him from making mistake – paying money for non-existing services which he believes exist. Emotions, hormones and all this chemistry controls the body of a man at the time when he is getting his credit card from the pocket that is why it is important to remain your brain cold and consciousness in every life situation.

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