9 tips how NOT to behave with Russian woman

Ohh those Russians…! These people are rather unique: there is a paradoxical composition of unlike kinds of character in one person! I have many friends from Russia: they are amazing, but so much strange and incredible to understanding.

Ohh those Russian women…! They are as much unexplained and infinite, as the whole Russian territory. I even guess that Russia itself has a face of typical Russian woman: wonderful, sacrificial, caring, unpredictable, strong and loving face.

If a typically Russian woman ever loved you, this period of life could be never forgotten by you. If you are going to have relations with a Russian girl then listen to me. I am going to advise you something about how not to behave with Russian woman. Read nine tips below.

  • When you start to communicate with a Russian woman you need to be a real man in every sense;
  • Do not be too much soft, cute and kind, – a Russian woman does not like too tender men. She needs a strong shoulder, not a weakling boy;
  • Do not make her becoming jealousy, for example, – if you are walking together somewhere in the park, you must not look at other girls around;
  • Do not be too much talkative or too much silent – be as whom you really are, natural and original as you can. Russian woman is smart enough to recognize truth from lie, so forget about masks you might have been wearing time after time before;
  • If you really want your communication with Russian girl one day transform in something more, or, may be, you even will become a family, – then never be indifferent with her, ask her about the life which she have had, about her parents, her hobbies and education and about a lot of other things;
  • Never hurt her, never hit her, try not to be too much rude with Russian woman, or she will go away from you sooner or later;
  • Do not be lazy in your everyday life, – it refers to many sense. If you will stop to work, develop, learn then she will leave you;
  • Do not be unable of making her not to be satisfied in sex;
  • Do not lie to her. Russian women mostly are rather sincere, so they hardly can live in a lie atmosphere.

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