9 tips for good relations with Serbian girl

It is important to remain in good relations with Serbian girl. However, there are almost no pairs who live without quarrels, but it is better to omit or minimize them. The secret is that Serbian girl decides could you be her boyfriend or no during first 5 minutes of your first meeting. So if you are together it means Serbian girl took her decision in advance and no it is important not to spoil everything.


  1. The first mistake men often do in relations with Serbian girl is paying too much attention. It becomes irritating for the girl and quarrels start to ruin relations. There is nothing worse than arguing with the girl, because man would always lose and start with worse position than at the beginning. You have to play kind of game when you pay attention to her, say sweet words, text message with good morning and the next day you are busy even if you are not. You should wait until she writes or calls you first. If she asks why you did not call you should rely on your busy schedule. It is important to keep the balance and always keep the interest of your Serbian girl in your.


  1. You should NOT make your girl the center of your universe. Girls feel when guy is fully dependent he becomes not interesting to them. Serbian girls like to be followed by men, though most often do not show it, but if man is all so sweet and so good and kind he is already conquered himself so he can not be a ‘hunter’ and girl starts losing interest. Girl should be good edition to your life, but not the main in your life. It is hard to understand if you fell in love, but imagine your life fully depends on how your girl feels today. What then? If she has period you will not be able to work, to do your business, to do your hobby, to work on self development? What if break up? You will not be able to do main activity which provides your life. Relations should not influence your businesses.


  1. You have to do the job you like and should have some activities which are not connected with your girlfriend. She has to have time to have rest from you and the same with you.


  1. If you really did mistake, don’t be ashamed to ask for apology. It is man’s action. It shows your character. But do not ask Serbian girl for apology all the time you did something wrong or you think you did something wrong. If Serbian girl see that she would try to manipulate you and if manipulation is successful she would keep doing that. Her attention would be not like previous you got used to, you will be confused, ask her what happened and she would be irritated.


  1. Never lose respect of your Serbian girl. How not to lose respect? To behave like you don’t really care. Show your love, attention, but not too much. If girl decided to test you and stopped writing or calling you without objective reason (if you really did not do anything bad or stupid) do not call or right first. This is the game where you should win.


  1. Be reliable. Especially when your Serbian girlfriend has some problems. You should solve them or help to solve them. Actions for man are much more important than words. Man who talks a lot but does not do much is not interesting for Serbian girl. He gets her disrespect.


  1. Joke. Confuse. Surprise. All these three things more or less often you have to do when it is concerning your girl from Serbia. Sense of humor is the best treat from boredom. If you make your girl smile it is biggest part of success. Sometimes you should ask her weird questions like does she likes cabbage rolls or did she try water with aloes. Bring her flowers on Tuesday just for no reason and make her think what common date she forgot about and when she finally asks you tell you just want her to feel happy because you love her.


  1. Be loving, but leader. Show that you reach your goals and move towards aim. Don’t try to interest girl, but live the way girls would like to be with you themselves. Expression that men love the girl who is not interested in them works in opposite direction as well.


  1. There are no rules. Every situation is unique. Every girl has special character. Maybe if she does not write you first sometimes you should do it, but everything should be wise, remember about your dignity. General rules work in most cases, but not all the time and there are exceptions.

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