9 things you can do together being a couple

If you become bored together, it does not mean that it is the time to break. Suffice is to find common activities to do!

Remove the cell phone away when you both are close

It is a trend nowadays to sit opposite each other, staring at smartphones. It is important to get rid of this habit, at least for a time when both of you are staying at home. Make both a deal that you will only answer calls while chatting and having supper. And if it is difficult, try at least not follow social networks when lying in bed.

Cook together

Another fashion trend is healthy food, and here you can complement each other skills in cooking. If you live together or side by side, start a culinary battle and if it is not for you then just cook the meal together.

Start finding new common friends

Most likely, you have different groups of friends. It would be nice even if you have a couple of friends you both know! Come on events of local importance, go to favorite bars and concerts, meet people and seek congenial to you people.

Go dating!

It is great idea for those who have been together for long time. More often get out together somewhere. Of course, to spend all your free money for this is not a good idea, but appointment and walk in the park will be good as well.

Argue more

This is advice for those who talk for very little time. Pick the arguments and defend your positions, discuss the facts that one of you does not like. Swearing and yelling is not required. Reasoned debate will only make relationship stronger.

Find common interests

Go mountain skiing or dancing together. For this you have to find out what clubs and centers nearby are offering, search for discounts on activities that interest you.

Seek for new things in your city

Even if it is small, you can go to café unknown to you before or to the temporary exhibition. This dilutes the monotony of everyday life. And it is also good idea to go to another city for a weekend.

Spend more time with your families

Dine with your older sister and her husband, talk to nephews. It is useful both ways, emotionally, and as the long-term investment; relatives always come with help when you’re having difficult times.

Watch TV shows together

Movies, shows, sporting events – watch anything, but under the circumstance you both enjoy, not just for reason of being nice to each other.

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