8 Mistakes On The First Date

Unsuccessful first date cancels thousands of emerging stories of love. How to avoid mistakes and give your relationship a chance? What silly things we do most often?

You forget about the main principle of the first date, which reads as “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Many are convinced that any mistakes made on the first date are easy to fix. So what, that you have a bad attitude and not the best outfit! The next time you’re sure to be on top! However, psychologists believe that in our deepest memory falls very first impression. Of course, it could be changed somehow, but it is very difficult to change it completely. Especially, because of such attitude towards your first date you may not assign the second one.

2. You talk too much about yourself and your dignity.

3. It is clear that every man wants to make a favorable impression on the woman. However, an active advertising campaign of yourself almost always causes badly hidden woman irritation. First of all, the woman convinced that a good “product” does not need additional advertising. And because your rhetoric place under suspect your sincerity.

4. You always talk, no matter what. Often people are just struggling with stress and personal uncertainty in such a way. However, a woman appreciates it very differently, and may assign you to the category of dangerous chronic talkers.

5. You are not trying to talk to woman and do not ask her any questions. On the one hand this shows that you are absolutely not interested in the woman. On the other hand, you’re depriving her pleasure to tell about her exploits, philosophize and assess whether you are a good listener.

6. You tell a woman about your ex-girlfriends. Perhaps if your relationship will develop further, she will ask you about it herself (though this does not mean that she needs detailed confession). But talk about this on your own initiative on the first date is a fatal mistake! The only exception, if the woman he tells you about the main stages of her personal life and obviously is waiting for your true story. But in this case better not to overdo with the details and emotions. It is enough to let her know that you have always enjoyed success with women. By the way, even if all your previous novels ended not with your initiative your new friend should never get to know it! Otherwise, at the beginning of relationships she may start to think there is something wrong with you. You will immediately describe her you drawbacks.

7. Another topic that is better not to rise at early dating. The desire to be very honest and sincere killed not one relationship at the very beginning. So, do not tell you like to drink beer, spent most of time with your friends and leave dirty socks under the bed.

8. Do not tell strictly about level of your income, otherwise there is a risk of you to become only a wallet for your girlfriend. Show your income level by your car, watch, clothes you wear and so on. Sometimes it is better not to show all this on the first date. Dress up more casual and make her like you as the person, but not as wallet. If you liked the woman, at the end of the date ask her for another one. Do not be quiet and show her you liked her.

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