8 main tips you got to know before dating Icelandic girl

Icelandic girl is not like any other girl you have met before. When it is going about equality between men and women than Iceland is the best example. In relations with Icelandic girl literary everything is equal. If she wants to have sex, for example, she would ask or demand you to get it even if you are tired after work. If she doesn’t want but you want you can decline as the man next time.

Icelandic girls are very straightforward and express clearly what they want. They usually do not give hints, they just tell what they want or express their opinion. One more plus in relations with Icelandic girl is that everything is pretty clear although most of men did not get used to such flow of things and therefore many Icelandic-Foreign long term relations end up because non-flexibility of the guy who is unable or does not want to change his attitude towards woman because of his traditional way of thinking.

Having Icelandic girlfriend means sharing responsibilities and duties about the house, about buying groceries, about cooking and doing laundry. Even in quite emancipated Western countries people live by following transformed traditional model where jobs and family duties are divided into ‘man’s’ and ‘woman’s’ where both gender sides intrude, combine, help each other. It is definitely not like that in Iceland. Dating Icelandic girl you have to be ready to transform and change yourself first of all.

Icelandic girls have very strong characters. They know what they want from life, they reach their goals and mostly they choose the man or woman they like. If you are man with weak character you have small chances to be in long term relations with Icelandic girl.

You don’t have to be afraid to start relations with Icelandic girl even if she is all so independent and self-efficient. Girls are still girls everywhere and you always have a chance to be liked by them.

Icelandic girls are willing dating foreigners as many questionnaires say. If you are foreigner you have chances because you are exotic to Icelandic girl. But most often she just wants to give a try, to have rather one night stand than serious relations.

It is important to understand that Icelandic girls are not easy or want to go to bed with foreign guys. Yes, they love sex, they can openly speak about it in front of female and male friends but they always choose the guy they like (if they like). It is only going about equal rights in everything.

If you want to understand your Icelandic girlfriend better than put yourself on her place. It is like when you liked the girl with big… eyes on the street and told your friend that you would go for it with her. The same is with Icelandic girl who could openly discuss the butt of the guy he liked. If you are looking for truly feminine and family oriented girlfriend than probably most of Icelandic girls are not for you.

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