10 points how Bolivian women are different from American women

Not to be unfounded there could be just one short phrase: difference is big. Some consider difference between American and Bolivian women huge and both are right as every man has its own experience with Bolivian women and the same with experience with American women. Actually, this all website is about generalizing some vivid facts, but we keep repeating our articles are not the truth in the last instance, every person has right to have own opinion which is either based on personal experience or on the experience of other people. Let’s move quickly to the focused subject of the article – difference between Bolivian and American women. To make it all more serious let us give it some calling name:

Bolivian women vs. American women:

1. Bolivian women have their focus on family, unlike American who are more often focused on their career or own business.

2. Bolivian woman recognizes the authority of her husband considering him to be the head of the family, unlike American who is equal with husband and if not, she would try to take her equal place in the family or leave such husband.

3. Bolivian woman is good housewife, she does laundry, cleans dishes after the whole family, takes her family “duties” as her own, unlike American woman who shares house duties with husband in equal qualities, she expect the help of the family when doing dishes.

4. Bolivian woman devotes herself to the family and place the interests of the family above her own, unlike American woman who appreciates having her own spare time which she is able to spend the way she wants.

5. Bolivian woman is rather housewife, who is doing work about the house while waiting her husband from work considering him to be getter, she is rarely a business woman, unlike American woman who is working equal time as her husband, often earning even more income than her husband.

6. Bolivian woman loves to take care about children, taking part in upbringing process spending most of her time with the child while husband is at work, unlike American woman, who spends more time with child only just right after its birth and then the level of attention to the child from mom and dad is barely equal or is aimed to be such; American family often hires a nanny because both – father and mother are busy at work.

7. Bolivian woman is dependent on her husband’s income, unlike American woman who is independent in most meanings and financially as well.

8. Bolivian women get married around 20 and often it happens in need as it is hard for the family to retain many adult people, but most often this is caused by public opinion and belief that girl after 25 is not needed as there is something wrong if she didn’t get married earlier, unlike American woman, who is rather picky in terms of choosing future husband, she can get married for the first time after 30 and if something is wrong she would have no doubts to divorce; there are many American women who consider family to be not obligatory and prefer to live alone for themselves.

9. Bolivian women try to look their best even if they suffering from lack of money, they would buy the best available cosmetics and in general they have slim figure and take care of the opinion of others in everything, especially when it is going about appearance, unlike American women who often do not really care about their appearance and clothes, despite having enough money they might not use any cosmetics not because of it is considered harmful by them, but because of laziness and inability to properly use it; many American women have problems with overweight.

10. Bolivian women often consider dating as serious process that finally leads to marriage, unlike many American women who have the same attitude to dating as men – new experience, having fun, often considering it not very serious and rather intrigue than the beginning of permanent long lasting relationships.

Summing up, I will remind you well known proverb – many men, many minds. Here I imply different people might have different opinion on the same things based on their experience and views. This is normal when someone is agree with the information above and of someone feels furious about what is written. Being subjective is what inherent to most of people on this Earth and our article in not an exception, anyways, we wish you to have the best positive experience with either Bolivian or American women, but you should always remember: every single woman is unique person, deserving to live the life she is choosing herself.

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2 Responses

  1. Mrivero says:

    Well… I’m a Bolivian girl, and… trust me, I’m not in danger or starving, my mother works every day, we are not waiting for men’s money. I’m 25, I’m single and not trying to chase foreign guys. I don’t give a fuck about make up. In general Bolivian families prefer to have their kids even if they are 30 at home. Almost everything is wrong. You don’t know nothing about my country

    • Marriage Bolivia says:

      Hey, thanx for your comment, you are right. Articles are often written to make money and a lot of them are biased and based on stereotypes, but you are welcome to write your article with your own opinion if you want and we’ll publish it to share right opinion about Bolivian women.

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