Why do men go to prostitutes

Almost one out of ten men has bought sex at least once in his life. Often, they argue to the lack of time for relationships, minimal cash expenses or just say that it’s more convenient.

Often males choose relationships with prostitutes because they have the time and desire to woo the girls and they have strong sex desire on the other hand. I would say it is called laziness.

– Thousands of women are out of reach by other means than through the prostitutes. I am too lazy for relationship, I do not like to look after myself, trite, and there is no time to seduce girls, – admit men.

In addition, from time to time in every man wakes the male who wants to have different women. Husband gets bored from the same girl in bed. However, prostitutes are readily available; they can implement a lot of fantasies.

– With the “fairies” you may try what you want, and some things we really like, – they say.

Another reason, according to men, is that sex with a prostitute reduces psychological and physical stress without any obligations and because sex is more free and diverse than at home.

By the way, according to scientists, sex after 80 years is more qualitative and attentive.

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