What date it is better to have sex on?

Many people are quite unlucky in relationships because of ignorance of when to start having sex. Sexologists believe that it is the high time to have first sex with new boyfriend/girlfriend on the second date.

Even the most confident girls should not have sex on the first date, according to psychologists.

On the first date the man expects to meet and to see not you, but rather some hypothetical image. But on the second date, he has set up to be with you, so you can allow sex now.

It is believed that the longer man will be without sex, the more he falls in love. However, girl needs to be confident that he is willing to wait.

It should be noted that it is important to girls at least hint about the intimate proximity during first three dates. If you won’t, then man might think that you are unsure about him and you haven’t decided whether to be with him or not and may even stop dating you.

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