Unexpected discovery of scientists about sex after 80

British scientists came to the conclusion that after 80 years of sex is of better quality and partners are more attentive. In addition, it is no longer seen as fulfillment of marital duties.

Researchers have interviewed about 7 thousand people. Older people aged 50 to 90 years, who continue to lead sexual lives. The results showed that despite the decrease in the number of sex in their lives in general, with age the process itself became much better and brought more pleasure. Partners appreciate it as of better quality and more “attentive” than before.

Among 80-year-old almost half people perceive sex as a marital obligation, unlike the 50-year-old.

In addition, 80-year-old couples almost never faced with a situation where there was complete absence of desire to partner, unlike those couples who are 70-79 years they were compared with.

In addition, it was found that women of 80 years aroused much easier than women of 60-70 years old.

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