Things that is better NOT to do with the… penis

In the peak of sexual games you can get injured yourself and this is not a joke. Count your strength and do not get carried away! It is going about the most important thing in your life – your health and when it is going about men’s health it is even more important. So, what is better not to do with your ‘friend’? 🙂

Do not bend it in solid form

It is not intended for bends at strange angles at all and during erection it is strictly forbidden and even more dangerous.

Do not beat the penis

Although it sounds ridiculous and even funny, but some women really think that men like it. Nothing like this as the skin on this organ is very sensitive and soft and unsuccessful patches can lead even to serious injuries.

Do not bite it

See what is written above and imagine that he may no longer let you to his vulnerable body if you show your teeth :-).

Expect the friction intensity

Easy movements are pleasant and commendable, but sharp moves can damage a penis and hurt its owner. In a complex case, the organ could turn red receiving a so-called friction burn and you will have urgently visit traumatology.

Do not clean it with a sponge

If you care of hygiene, use water and soap. Abrasive sponges are painful and dangerous. Read also: How To Get Cunnilingus: 9 Arguments

Things that is better NOT to do with the... penis

Do not lie on it with all your weight

Of course, is nice to touch it, especially some separate plots, but if you transfer all your weight at this organ you can even break it!

Do not overestimate its elasticity

Penis can be stretched a little bit, but it is not intended for this purpose at all, so, do not over try.

Do not try to insert anything into it

The hole in the “head” is not intended to put there anything. This is very dangerous.

Do not put it in the socket

And do not try to slip into the toaster. This rule sounds very American. But in the gust of passion some people completely reflect the ability to think and they begin to invent strange games. No need to do that. Take care of your health. Read also: 9 things you can do together being a couple

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