Things in bed men need to be reminded of

It happens that men because of inexperience or even deliberately forget about the basic rules of good sex. But it’s never too late to remind them!

Previous caresses are obligatory

While driving to the City of Fun, you need to make a couple of stops along the road for landing and boarding passengers. Previous caresses is a necessary stop point even in the express!

No need to grab woman’s breast

It’s still not basketball balls and not oranges the ribs of which need to be checked by pressing. Man has to be gentle with this part of woman’s body.

No need to hurry too much

Sex is not a Formula 1 race and not a competition which motto is “faster, deeper, stronger”. Yes, of course, you can also achieve orgasm in this way, but you still have to remember you are not the only one here.

If he does something nice, let him continue

First of all, you will longer be pleased. Secondly, if he is trying more now, then you will come to the finish line a little earlier and do not get tired along the way. Read also: How To Get Cunnilingus: 9 Arguments

Things in bed men need to be reminded of

Everybody loves oral sex

This is great for both men and women, do not forget about it.

Being from below is not a loss for a man

When you are above and you can command him, man do not has to think that he is weak: he makes a pleasure to his woman!

There are more than three positions in sex

It’s good that you have your favorite positions, but a slight upheaval, as well as a radically new alignment of forces, will never be inappropriate.

If he is ready for orgasm, let him think about you

Sex is not a game in one goal, but an equal to the extent possible partnership. Both partners have the right to have an orgasm.

He is not a radio operator from the Second World War

Explain that he should not click on the clitoris, as if he sends encryption of Morse code directly into your vagina. You definitely do not like it.

Anal sex is only on invitation

As long as you do not offer him, he has not even try. And if he tries to write everything off for a positioning error – consider the future and think about whether he is worthy of your confidence. Read also: Oral sex after marriage: what’s the difference?

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