Things for mom to do and to know

When a woman gives birth to a child, she can dissolve in a child completely; it means she’ll could either completely devote her life to kid’s upbringing or may remain herself so that nobody suffered. All moms, both current and future – are advised to read the next text.

Spend more time on yourself

It does not matter if you went to the movies, read a book of art or having a dinner in e restaurant – you feel better with every minute free from children. And it is not necessary to cherish the feeling of guilt, because you have to know that the children do NOT cry under the door, suffering because of your absence!

More sleep

Remember how it is? Baby can wake up every hour and even more often and only hormonal support helps many moms stay afloat. But the abolition of sleep has and postponed in time effects. So, as soon as the dream improves, do not forget to have enough sleep yourself. No, these five hours of sleep is not enough for you!

Take the bath

Or, if you do not love it, find another way of solitude and relaxation. Children can be given to their dad, grandmother, babysitter – anyone. In the extreme case, the elders will look at the junior or relatives from another city entertain them online.

Have more sex

As it helps you to feel more satisfied, feel yourself great and makes your hormones and the whole body work properly. You definitely deserve some natural pleasure. Besides, it is a good way to keep fit and even cure some illnesses.

Make a date

No, not scheduled evening in the restaurant, but aimless walking along the waterfront, as in youth, but not with a gloomy rose, but with a glass of coffee, discussing … no, not children, but plans for the future and everything that comes up into your mind. Read also: Tips That Help Save The Marriage

Things for mom to do and to know

Eat as an adult

Take a descent plate, cutlery, nicely decompose the food the way you love. This is also a part of love for yourself!

Be patient

Every time you feel that you will explode, count from ten to one, roar loudly, jump, splash in your palm, but do not shout. But the best way is to try out meditation. It will make your life more colorful and you will find satisfaction and joy in every ordinary thing of life – starting from wake up and morning shower, ending with feeling warmth of your blanket while falling asleep.

Less stitching on the phone

The same applies to the computer. Most of the time people spend by the smartphone or computer absolutely in vain. Children who entertain themselves while Mom entertains herself in social networks is good, but they need more communication than your virtual friends.

Do not refuse assistance

You will not become a bad mother when you hire a nanny or give your child to a kindergarten. And do not blame yourself – children need a happy mother, but not a tired monster.

Remember about good things

You never know what life will bring you next day or month. Remember all the good that has already happened, appreciate the state of things, once again kiss your loved ones – and look into the future with confidence! Be positive! Read also: Ideal partner for pregnant woman: what is he like?

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