The scientists found out that shopping… excites

Discounts and gift certificates of stores excite women in the same way as viewing explicit movies and video. In the course of the experiment, British researchers measured the activity of emotional areas of the brain in 50 volunteers. They compared the reaction of the subjects to different events. They started from shopping and moved to watching erotic or more explicit movies.

Scientists used a special device that analyzes the emotional state of people. It helped establish that getting a gift coupon, a discount card, or discount information of a favorite store causes arousal to people, identical to sexual and emotional uplift. Read also: Things for mom to do and to know

The scientists found out that shopping... excites

This experiment helped to supplement the results of past studies, during which the researchers found that shopogolia is really dangerous for human mental health. Read also: Scientists: The weight of the father affects the sex of future child

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