Sex on the first date, mistake or worth to try?

The first date could be decisive in the relationship. Therefore, you must prepare yourselves well to it.

Do I have to be late for a date?

For the first date for woman it is better to be a little late. You will assess the intentions of the man for you. If he is serious about you then he will wait for 15-20 minutes without any problems. But do not be late all the time. After all, sooner or later, he will just get tired from your “being late”.

Will your partner fall in love if for a long time you look into his eyes?

The people rule rumors about four minutes. If you look into partner’s eyes during 4 minutes he will fall in love with you.

This method helps to make contact and intimacy with a partner. This works especially with the girls. But there is no specific time for someone to fall in.

Should I have sex on the first date?

This is the most common myth about the first date. Sex on the first date is not prohibited or is not something bad. This is a personal decision of each individual.

In general, on a first date you need to trust your feelings, not rumors and prejudices. Read also: How to start dating a guy. What if guy offered to be his girlfriend?

Hunters for sex: how not to get hooked by pick up scammers

Our streets have large number of “hunters”. Someone hunts for money, someone for real estate. These scams hunt only for sex.

The easiest way used by “hunters” is clonidine in a glass. In a nightclub they can pour it into the girl’s drink. When she gets unconscious she is being taken somewhere and they do with her whatever they want. But in the morning she usually does not remember anything.

Some “hunt” girls using a camera. Typically, they are looking for girls somewhere in social networks and offer a photo session. When she comes, she is offered to strip for naughty photos for art. Then hunter starts to blackmail her demanding sex, otherwise, he promises to spread these photographs across the internet.

Sex with pity

It does not always work, but nevertheless, some use this trick and achieve result. Guy tells beautiful girl his girlfriend left him, or he divorced his wife, or he lost his parents in a terrible accident. At this point, he will try to hint the girl about sex.

How to avoid becoming a victim?

Girls need to be careful when they are spending time in nightclubs. It is bad idea to settle for a free drink as it can be with clonidine or something else.

Do not use the services of photographers with unverified reputation. They may be ordinary swindlers. Also, do not trust snotty “grooms” who will tell you about their grief. Earlier on Reasons for Ukrainian woman beauty – gender and historical characteristics

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