Scientists: The weight of the father affects the sex of future child

You don’t know whom your future child will be – a boy or girl? It can easily be determined by the figure of a future father – such a conclusion was made by Chinese scientists after careful study of statistical data in recent years.

According to experts overweight men often give life to boys and slim and thin representatives usually give life to girls. At the same time, Chinese researchers honestly admit that they can not explain this phenomenon, but statistical data is a vivid confirmation of this pattern.

Moreover, Chinese scholars have emphasized that it is possible to plan a child’s sex a few months before conception – if a couple wants a boy to be born, the future father should for some time be overwhelmed by fat and heavy food, and if a family is waiting for a girl, the man, on the contrary, should have a very rigid diet, consuming light and healthy foods. Read also: How to start dating a guy. What if guy offered to be his girlfriend?

Scientists: The weight of the father affects the sex of future child

With such an “approach” to conception, the chances to give birth to a baby of the same sex that their parents want are nearly doubled, the Chinese researchers said. Read also: Men also may have postpartum depression

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