Oral sex after marriage: what’s the difference?

Official marriage status sometimes affects non-obvious events such as oral cravings. Of course, it happens differently, but with great probability you will feel more pleasant and easier.

It’s no longer a “job”

Almost every woman had in her life a man whom giving oral pleasure was a real job: he was asleep and you think about all sorts of boring stories and things. Now it’s definitely not boring and doesn’t seem like conventional routine paper work, but rather a game.

You get some fun and pleasure

Now you’re sure to get something after – will it be a part of the prelude, or he would like to please you too. You are adults and you want to bring joy to each other.

He knows everything about your reflexes

And he will not insist on you to do the impossible.

You know when he shaved or went to the gym

And you can choose the day and time for these caresses in such a way that everyone feel good and enjoy the process without any unpleasant unexpactancies Read also: Things that is better NOT to do with the… penis

Oral sex after marriage - what's the difference?

You will not die from his gaze

If you look at him to appreciate the mood and he will intercept your view, it will not confuse you and will not stop the process. And if you do not like it at all, he will not scupper.

Mistakes can be forgiven

If you accidentally touched it with your teeth or touched in unpleasant way he will not be offended and it is possible normally to continue. He knows that you did it not on purpose.

He will not make you swallow

He knows that the sperm is not chardonnay and only you can decide whether you want it or not.

If you don’t want to – don’t do it

No one will condemn you. He knows that the matter is not in him and not in his “younger friend”. Maybe you do not want anything at all except to lie on the bed in the sea star’s position. Zero onslaught and persuasion is very exciting in itself. Read also: Why Ukrainian women are so popular among men in the U.S.

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