Author: Melinda Perk Joseph Clark

How I make Peruvian woman happy

How I make Peruvian woman happy

Because Peruvian people live in pretty closed society their lifestyle, attitude to life, family traditions and many other things might seem weird to us. Although, our traditions, lifestyle and behavior might seem weird and sometimes even immoral and cruel to Peruvian so everything is fair enough. The only difference is...

Do You Know How The Greedy Man Stinks

Do You Know How The Greedy Man Stinks?

I had never had experience of dating greedy guy, but I had experience of living in one house with friend of mine and her boyfriend. Actually, they lived with me in the place I rent and so I could observe all the situation of their common life. I did not...

How to choose the wedding rings right

Maybe it was at the time of our parents when the choice was reduced to only two variants: thick or thin. Nowadays choosing a wedding ring is even more difficult than choosing a wedding dress. After all, the wedding dress performs its function for only one day unlike the ring...

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