8 possible reasons if you do not want intimacy

If you think that something is wrong with your intimate life, you can fix it. Here are some problems and ways to solve them, offered by sexologist.

You have sex just for the sake of sex

If all your friends do this and you follow their example, stop and listen to what your body really wants. Soulless movements or passionate sex which you would like to repeat? If the second one, then why waste yourself for nothing? Start changing yourself!

You want the next sex to be as the previous one

Your brain remembers how it was, but if you count on a detailed repetition, it simply impossible. And if you get not such a sex as previously you lose desire to sleep with this partner in further. Try to let sexual memories away and every time you “turn on the counter” again without specific expectations.

You idealize sex

If you imagine some ideal love in a vacuum, you immediately unconsciously program yourself to be disappointed. Because, firstly, there is no ideal, and secondly, when you do not get the desired, you start to think that something is wrong with you or partner. Interestingly, if you think the opposite – that this sex will be unpleasant and you’ll not like it your brain will focus on problems and you will get negative experience again. Re-read the previous paragraph and stop to finally make up!

You expect him to satisfy all your desires

One and the same in the performance of different people can make you either excited or distract you from sex at all. So if you want him to excite you – direct all your sexual energy to this purpose.

You do not try to remember good things in sex with your partner

Think about what happened in the past. What made you tremble and rejoice – then you will have more of these moments ahead. The brain is constructed in such a way so that if you bring good memories, it will help you get the same again. Read also: Ideal partner for pregnant woman: what is he like?

8 possible reasons if you do not want intimacy

Anger and insult affect the desire

You intuitively do not want to get closer with those who insulted you. Insult is one of the main enemies of passion. If you do not work it out in time, it will be difficult to get rid of it later.

You do not fully understand the causes of your problems

People sometimes try to dump all of the hormones or start drinking pills, while the real reason for their problems is anger or fear. You come back to the traumatic events in your mind again and again and you can not think of anything that is related to sex. Identify the most disturbing for you things and work on it.

You want to be ready for sudden sex and not engage in it

Many think that it is very easy for them to get excited and have sex, but this  is closely connected with the brain functionality and with emotions. Therefore, if you do not feel comfortable and confident, sudden class sex will not work. Only with a partner who respects you and whom you trust you can do whatever you like, both of you. Read also: The scientists found out that shopping… excites

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