11 shortcomings of oral sex

Even if you like to do it, you’ll probably find a couple of moments that you will say “not now”. Here are some minuses of oral sex that you may not like.

You do not like the sounds that break out of your mouth

Like the child loudly licks chupa-chips in the store, slipping the candy deeper into the mouth, then removing it. Great, now all your thoughts are about children!

Although it does not last forever, sometimes it seems that it is

How long have you been trying? Forty minutes? Oh no, only ten! Well, in minutes of blow it is an hour and a half.

He starts to move his hips

Nobody likes when someone has sex with your… face

You’re afraid of an emetic reflex

Do not swallow too deep. By the way, if you work as a tongue in the bridle are, the feelings will be similar, and there will be no unpleasant consequences.

You do not like to feel that you need to take it deeper

But if he wants to and you do not stand it, you are not obliged.

You know he will not get an orgasm

It is always unpleasant to realize it, but how unpleasant is not to get it! And almost nothing can be done about that this time. Read also: Oral sex after marriage: what’s the difference?

11 shortcomings of oral sex

You do not know what to do with a scrotum

Handle like anti-stress balls? Gently squeeze? Something more?

Remember to breathe with your nose

If you open your mouth – he may have unpleasant feelings. And if you have unpleasant feelings when breathing with your nose – the next time first send him to the shower.

He says that orgasm is soon and you can not decide what to do

As if you have a bomb in your hand and you need to cut only one wire – red or black.

If the sperm is in the mouth, you have to swallow

Incidentally, sperm is quite difficult to rinse with water, including from the throat.

You got excited but you will have to wait

The saddest thing is when you got excited during the whole process, but you can not immediately offer to switch to traditional sex, because work here is not done. What can I say in this case? Patience, only patience! Read also: Things that is better NOT to do with the… penis

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